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Stem Cells:

The Future Of Medicine

So Small But So Powerful

As new life develops, it has the ability to change more lives than we know.  The blood within a human babies umbilical cord and placental fluid contains new stem cells that are powerful enough to replace ones that are old or damaged. 

Cellular Regeneration

These incredible cells have a unique ability to rejuvenate and replicate our bodies own molecular structure, and to become the same cells or tissue as the ones that were lost or damaged. This can affect many parts of our body from our brains to our joints and organs. 

New Cells, New Life

Time is something that we cannot stop, but we now have the ability to slow down the effect it has on our bodies through our stem cell therapy. With as little as one treatment, we can change our cellular structure to repair itself and open the doors to a new more active, energetic, and pain free life. 

why three types of cells are better than one

Our therapy has shown amazing results with patients suffering from all types of brain, organ, and joint issues. Including, but not limited to, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Strokes, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Autoimmune Diseases, plus many others. Using an extremely unique and powerful formula, we are able to deliver the highest number of cells intravenously which are carried into the brain and then down systemically into the body. One of the main differences in our treatment is that we use a combination of three different types of cells that we find naturally in our bodies. This makes us unlike many other medical practices as we are able to give our patients a safe, painless, and extremely advanced procedure, which has the ability to produce amazing results without the need to wait weeks for treatment. The whole procedure takes under two hours and is always free of side effects and rejection.

During this painless procedure, stem cells are delivered intravenously, after which they cross the blood-brain barrier and copy neural stem cell activity, improving all the symptoms of a condition. In addition, they rejuvenate the whole body, making all of its organisms healthier.

The cells that we use are: (1) Amniotic Placental Tissue Matrix, (2) Cord Blood Cells, (3) Cord Tissue Cells, with the addition of Growth Factors. They are whats known as immune privileged and are heavily screened before leaving the lab under strict guidance by the FDA.


 I've suffered the effects of MS since I was 22 years old. I am now 53, and I feel better than I have in years. I believe it's because of the Stem Cell treatment I received from American Stem Cell Therapy. I researched the different types of treatments, and after talking with ASCT I knew I was doing the right thing. After one treatment I was able to walk to the corner store. I haven't been able to walk that far for as long as I can remember. I would recommend ASCT to anyone who suffers from MS, or any systemic disease. Carl S - Chiacago, Illinois 

 When we were informed of our child's autism condition we were devastated. He's struggled in school since he was in the first grade, and he wasn't getting any better despite the treatment he was receiving and we tried everything. I heard about ASCT from a friend who had taken her son there a year ago and had incredible results. I called, and talked to a doctor who thoroughly explained the process, and why ASCT has been so successful. We made our travel arrangements, and went to Scottsdale, AZ. After the treatment we didn't see results right away, but after 30 to 40 days he started having fewer anger issues, and within 5 Month's he was a different kid! We are preparing to go to ASCT again in the next few weeks for another treatment. A miracle for sure! Susan K - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

 My back has been giving me problems for years, and I've had every treatment known for back pain. I was on the internet one morning and came across a small advertisement from American Stem Cell. I'd recently read an article from Duke University explaining the benefits of stem cell treatments for back pain, and called for info. It's now been 6 months since my treatment and I feel like a brand new man! Bless ASCT and their team. They really do wonderful things. Alex P - Irvine, CA 

"We deliver the cells past the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) and then systemically down into the body. The addition of "Growth Factors" is a very important step to starting the regeneration process."

A Successful Combination

Our success in treating patients can be attributed to our advanced formula, comprised of three extremely powerful types of Stem Cells. Each cell independently can make fantastic improvements in our bodies but are more powerful when growth factors are included. This is an extremely important step in starting the regeneration of the dead or damaged cells. The unique way in which we administer the cells past the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) allows for a greater number of cells to then, go down systemically into the body allowing the regeneration process to begin and have more of an affect.

As most of our patients come in from out of state, we are not only open through the week but also on Saturday to accommodate our out of state patients. We will typically schedule them for late morning as to give plenty of time to arrive on Saturday morning, get through the airport, and then come to the office in Scottsdale AZ. for the procedure. After the treatment is completed, they are free to travel back home the same day so they may rest and give the cells every opportunity and advantage to start the regeneration process.

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